I'm a Los Angeles/New York-based writer, with a specialty covering Jews & Drugs. I'm passionate and curious about how people can transcend their minds to access something greater than themselves — whether they're getting high off acid or God, meditating, or whatever else, I've set out to explore the various ways people nourish their souls. This is what drives me, and most of my writing, in some way or another, connects back to this theme. Most days, I'm on the cannabis beat, but I also write about Jewish culture, science, policy, and psychedelics.

I started out with a column on cannabis at the Village Voice, just after I graduated from Columbia Journalism School. Prior to that, I lived in Tel Aviv, working with Israel's African refugee community. In a past life, I also lived at a crazy co-op called Cloyne, while studying rhetoric and linguistics at UC Berkeley.

In addition to print journalism, I've dabbled in copywriting and radio, having written for companies like Eaze, Vitality Biopharma, Herbal Blend, Phivida, and the Buried Alive Project, as well as having appeared on In the Know 420, KPFK's The 420 Files, KNCE's Wake Up Taos, and other shows.